Toya Wright's Latest Pics With Reign Rushing On Vacay Are Gorgeous - Check Them Out Here

Toya Wright's Latest Pics With Reign Rushing On Vacay Are Gorgeous - Check Them Out Here
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Toya Wright has been living her best days. 2019 just began and she's already on vacay, having the best time and also the best view, as you will see in her post.

Toya is on vacation these days and although we don't know the exact location yet, we do know one thing.

Reign Rushing looks gorgeous in the latest photos that Toya just shared about an hour ago for her fans on social media.

'The world is yours,baby girl. 💙🌴💙🌈' Toya captioned her post.

Someone said that Reigny is growing up too fast: 'We didn’t get to have her as a baby long enough! Hey my fellow ♒️ @reign_beaux enjoy your vacay!'

Someone else also gushed over the baby girl: ' this picture takes the cake smile she's adorable and what she know about the beach yet lol'

Another follower said 'The view is Beautiful Reign is living up cutie can't stop looking at the water !!'

One supporter gushed over Reigny as well: 'Baby out here leaving her best like and don’t even know it. Reign can I please come.... I’ll babysit all day just to have that view'

Someone else loves Reigny's outfits: 'Yessssss. I love it! @toyawright Miss Reign is ALWAYS dressed super cute! Wayyyyy to cute and adorable!' and a commenter wrote 'She is absolutely adorable!!! Go ahead Reign live your best life......mamas!!!!!🙏🏾🌟🥰🌴🐚🌸☀️🌊'

Recently we were also able to see that Reigny's fashion game was great .

Toya was in the spotlight these days after she found herself in hot water for still following R. Kelly amidst the massive scandal.

Toya still has to address this issue.

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