Toya Wright's Latest Photo With Reign Has Fans Gushing Over The Baby Girl

Toya Wright's Latest Photo With Reign Has Fans Gushing Over The Baby Girl
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Toya Wright is celebrating her older daughter's birthday with some gorgeous pics on social media. Reginae Carter's dad also posted on social media to mark this important event.

But Toya gushed over her baby daughter as well, and she shared the cutest photo with Reign Rushing. Fans agree, and they cannot have enough of baby Reignbeaux.

Someone posted in the comments section, 'I just looovvveeeeee her eyebrows, gimme gimme gimme.'

Another follower gushed over Reigny and said that she's 'Such a doll, love her eyebrows, just plain ole gorgeous.'

Another follower wrote '@toyawright she is such a cutie pie. God bless! I’m four months pregnant and sick as heck, and this pic just brightened my day. ?'

One person praised Toya and told her this: 'Toya I didn't know too much about you until a few years ago I guess because I am old enough to be your mother. But what I do know you and your girls are gorgeous, you are a hard working woman and a phenomenal mother. I'm sending you nothing but good vibes. ?'

Another supporter of this lovely family believes that Reigny is 'such a happy baby ? cute. Miss @toyawright u did and are doing a wonderful job...ur girls are blessed to have you as their mum..what a great family❤️'

Besides celebrating Nae's birthday, Toya also celebrated her niece's birthday as well.

She was happy to share this important event with her fans. It’s her niece’s 14th birthday, and she wanted to mark the event with a gorgeous photo of the young lady that she posted on her Instagram account.

Jashae is the daughter of Josh, Toya’s brother who was murdered a while ago.


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