Toya Wright's Fans Like That She's Still Down To Earth Like 'Regular Folks,' Hanging Out At Mardi Gras

Toya Wright's Fans Like That She's Still Down To Earth Like 'Regular Folks,' Hanging Out At Mardi Gras
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Toya Wright's latest photos have fans in awe. They tell her that she's still down to Earth and it's great to see her hanging out with regular folks and always remembering where she comes from. Check out her most recent photos.

'Let the good times roll. #mardigras2019' Toya captioned one of her pics.

Someone gushed over her and said 'It is good to see you are still down to earth. hanging out at Mardi Gras just like the regular folks.'

Another fan noted that 'Mardi Gras is my mom's hometown haven't been out there in so long enjoy the turn up. 🌺🌸'

Someone else told her 'Girl where you were in all that cold 😆 I was freezing 🤣 but we from New Orleans we have a great time no matter how the weather is OKAY.'

A supporter posted this: 'I was there for the first time from Detroit! I have been having a great time in your state!' while someone else told Toya that they also enjoyed their stay there: 'The girls and I had an amazing time in NOLA this weekend. First time at Mardi Gras in almost 20 years since I moved to ATL. I forgot how much fun it is.'

Another commenter appreciates that Toya is humbler and down to Earth as well: 'Yesssss! Toya is so humble! Always going home & never forgetting where she came from.'

It's great to see Toya doing okay these days after she got all mad due to her daughter Reginae Carter and Kodak Black online feud.

You probably recall that Kodak said that Lil Wayne should have died at birth.

As expected, Wayne’s daughter clapped back hard and made it very clear that all the young rappers, including him, should know to respect her legend dad.

Kodak offended Reginae, calling her ‘bald-headed,' and Toya stepped up and had some words for him .

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