Toya Wright's Daughter Reginae Carter's Love Life Mirrors Lil Wayne's Lyrics -- Here Is Why

Toya Wright's Daughter Reginae Carter's Love Life Mirrors Lil Wayne's Lyrics -- Here Is Why
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Fans of Reginae Carter have one question -- how does Lil Wayne feel about her on-and-off romance with YFN Lucci which seems to be inspired by the lyrics from his heartbroken rap lyrics.

Just hours after Toya Wright's adult daughter took to social media to profess her love for her wonderful father who is caring and attentive -- she has decided to confirm to the world that she is back with YFN Lucci.

During their short time together, YFN Lucci, 27, has been accused several times of cheating on Reginae which is why people are confused by this reconciliation.

Reginae wrote: "Happy Fly day to you baby ❤️❤️I love you 😘." YFN answered by saying "I love you too."

One fan told the young woman: "I watched you grow up on tv from awards shows with your dad to tiny and Toya etc. you are a beautiful young woman with amazing principles and values!!!! I’m rooting for you in life!"

The person claimed: "Majority of yall prolly getting cheated on too don't ever tell a woman to leave her man that's her own decision. I know yall better stay together and stop stressing me out. She not leaving him so give them a break and stop listening to the media.🙄"

Another commenter added: "How does Lil Wayne feel about all of this? 🤣
Lol that’s the type of attitude that will get you turned into a doormat for these men but. Continue with that motto if he says sorry he’ll go smash the next chick and make sure to tell you sorry and do it again."

This follower explained: "I feel so bad for u because the way how your father talking about how he do women in his lyrics & songs you to young to be going through this understand seeing things from a younger age effected u smfh why settle yourself for-less but then again @yfnlucci keep dragging her by her lace front 😂 They need to stop bringing their problems to social media. It looks so stupid to unfollow each other, break up, etc.. To be back together at the end of the week. Solve your relationship problems in private."

Reginae is living her best life how she sees fit.

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