Toya Wright's Daughter Reginae Carter Slams Haters Who Went After Her Sister Reign -- Rant Video Goes Viral

Toya Wright's Daughter Reginae Carter Slams Haters Who Went After Her Sister Reign -- Rant Video Goes Viral
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A visibly angry and emotional Reginae Carter took to social media to defend her baby sister Reign Rushing from the trolls and mean people who have too much time on their hands.

For the past 48 hours, Toya Wright's infant girl, who was featured in a sweet picture with Tiny Harris, was called a long list of horrible and cruel names because of her skin tone.

The vile comments will not be mentioned on this platform because one day Reign will be old enough to read, and it is not necessary for her to see them.

Miss Carter lashed out at the haters who took on the innocent baby in the clip below.

More people came forward to defend the cutie pie.

One said: "People so ratchet and tacky on Instagram .... can’t wait to find some shit to say about how a brand new baby looks....?! The baby looks tasty and healthy, and so does the person that’s holding her in the pic. People are so toxic on Instagram. These are people that I wouldn't have near me in my hood. So much hate envious ignorance by so many people commenting, and don't know what they're talking about. I'm almost positive they're a lot of kids and teens commenting."

Another commenter stated: "I too called a girl child the U word because she brought my child up. What we all need to understand is that when we call anyone the U word, it's not directly going to that Human being. It's going straight to GOD that his creation is ( the U word). & half the shit don't b true but just to hit a nerve. May our GOD in the name of Jesus forgive U & I (Us). U behind that phone, pad, computer whatever don't forget that the devil is real. His first name Devil, last name Evil & when he is ready to take something sooo IMPORTANT or bad luck your whole life don't be angry @ GOD for letting it happened b angry @ yourself & your tongue. When u behind that phone writing evil stuff about a child, new born @ that the devil will take care of you not GOD cus GOD don't don't do or give evil. "

Some say the parents might need to adopt a new social media strategy with the child.

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    ANTWONETTE REED Feb 26, 2018 7:12 AM PST

    Ugly?, where?? That is a very cute baby. People needs to use their good goverment medicaid and get them eyes checked.

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