Toya Wright's Christmas Photo With Reigny Has Fans In Awe For Christmas - See It Here

Toya Wright's Christmas Photo With Reigny Has Fans In Awe For Christmas - See It Here
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Merry Christmas everyone! Toya Wright made her fans and followers happy when she shared a gorgeous Christmas photo with baby Reign. She's wearing a tiny cute costume and sleeping next to an elf.

Toya captioned the pic with 'Twas The Night Before Christmas,' and one follower gushed over Reigny: 'Awww Reign played her little self out so cute.'

Another person told Toya, 'Your pictures of her are always the best. ??? Merry Christmas.'

Someone praised cute Reigny 'nooooo when you think a baby can’t get any cuter *heart melts*.'

Another supporter wrote 'I just love this little girl she is so beautiful and precious, and you always have her dressed so pretty! @toyawright Merry Christmas to you and your family! ????'

One person said 'Reign be slaying all her pictures. She is adorable. Merry Christmas?'

A commenter believes that Toya should make this pic the Christmas card for 2019: 'You should make this a Christmas card for next year.????'

Someone else wrote 'awwww too cute ?? Happy Holidays to you and your family have a blessed & wonderful day.'

These days, Kandi Burruss, Toya, and Rasheeda Frost impressed their fans by helping a few families to be happy for Christmas .

‘My girls and I came together to make sure these beautiful mothers have an amazing Christmas. We picked a few families and bought everything on their children’s Christmas lists. They had no idea that we were doing this,' Toya wrote.

She continued and explained 'They thought they were meeting with someone to see about something else entirely. I enjoyed every moment with these ladies…it’s such a blessing when you are able to bless others. I know what’s it’s like to not have so I love giving when I’m able.'

You did a great thing, ladies! Congratulations!

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