Toya Wright Wishes One Of Her BFFs A Happy Birthday And Fans Love Her Loyalty

Toya Wright Wishes One Of Her BFFs A Happy Birthday And Fans Love Her Loyalty
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Toya Wright wished one of her best friends a Happy Birthday, and she wanted to mark the event by sharing a gorgeous post with her. The post includes a throwback photo since Toya was pregnant with baby Reign Rushing. Check it out below.

'Happy Birthday to one of my day 1’s... we been rocking since middle school. Thanks for being such a great friend. This one have no problem getting me together.😂 I love your crazy ass. Enjoy your day Tiff!😘🎉🎉' Toya captioned her post.

@toyawright I love when real friends are never too big for the friends they have known from day 1. No new friends, may not always apply, but real friends stay down, is always the motto.

Someone said 'I need some riders like that. Like if you agree ❤️' while another commenter posted 'That's an Aquarius for you: we aren't afraid to get you together, but it's out of love 😂. Happy birthday!'

One of Toya's followers had a more profound message that they wanted to share with everyone: 'Life is greater than a few setbacks and difficult times. What makes you strong is not letting them stop you from living your life to the fullest. Stay strong. In my experience, you do not make any progress without some struggles, and remember greatness come when you face some struggles in life, stay strong and always get up.'

The same fan said 'I want to send a message of hope where there is so much despair in this world. My message is I faced many tragedies in my life was at my rock bottom. I cried behind closed door crying out for help. I seeked counselling. Spoke openly about my mental health. People were kind to me & never judged me when I was at my weakest. I still cry for the people I lost in my life. The void will slowly be filled with peace.'

Toya made headline recently after defending her baby girls .

She had to endure people slamming her kids more than once. Haters had harsh words for both her daughters, Reign Rushing, and Reginae Carter.

But it seems that the fierce mom has had enough. Read her message for all the haters. Fans completely support her.

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