Toya Wright Wins 20-Year Challenge With Some Help From Reginae Carter And Reign Rushing In Cute Photos

Toya Wright Wins 20-Year Challenge With Some Help From Reginae Carter And Reign Rushing In Cute Photos
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It is official, Toya Wright has won the 20-year challenge, and she did not even have to try very hard.

Mama Toya decided to share two photos side by side where she is holding both of her babies -- Reginae Carter who is now 20 years old (the daughter of rapper Lil Wayne) and cutie pie Reign Rushing (whom she shares with businessman Robert Rushing) who will be one year old next month.

Fans had a lot of reaction, and many are wondering how it is possible that Toya is aging backward, while others find that Reign and sister Reginae look like their fathers.

One fan told Toya: "Wow, they both look like you. It shows growth on you love it. Reginae looks just like you now...Wow she hasn’t aged at all 😍 Regina is pretty but Toya really looks younger 🥰🥰🥰Beautiful then and now! I for sure had like 3-4 colors of that GAP T-shirt! 🤪😍😝"

Another commenter stated: "@toyawright is so beautiful! Baby don’t age at all. Fresh face, beat face little mama is 🔥. Girls are beautiful too ❤️How she get younger 🤔Yes cause both your kids look just like they daddy @toyawright. How you gonna backwards??? Yes, cause them babies look like their dads....nae look just like Wayne when he was on his 20s and babygirl got her dads whole face😍😍😍 That's what happiness does to you."

This person shared: "Reign and those eyebrows 😍😍😍 Girl I can see the growth... as a woman and a mother in this pic, but why did she let her daughter drop out of college for a 30-year-old with 10 kids lmao. Seems like you become more beautiful with age...We know ur a great mom it shows❤Beautiful then beautiful now look at God’s favor upon you and your family wishing you nothing but blessingsI've only known @ToyaWright to be linked to 3 men! How many 35-year-old women can say this in 2019?🌸💜🌸💜🌸."

Many are hoping that in the near future she will have a son with Robert because Reign is so adorable. In the meantime, she will probably continue to develop her brand online.

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