Toya Wright Unveils Her Most Risqué Picture Yet -- Lil Wayne's Ex Left Nothing To The Imagination

Toya Wright Unveils Her Most Risqué Picture Yet -- Lil Wayne's Ex Left Nothing To The Imagination
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Just a pair of tight jeans, it is all that Toya Wright wore for her latest eye-popping photo shoot that left little to the imagination.

Robert Rushing's girlfriend took to social media where she unveiled her latest photo shoot and fans agree, it is the most risqué one thus far.

In the photo, Toya, wearing just a pair of killer jeans, is lying on the floor and is using her hair and arms to hide her modesty.

Reginae Carter and Reign Rushing's mother captioned the photo: "Don’t be easy to define. Let them wonder about you.😉"

One fan had this reaction: "Yesss Sis make them wonder what’s really good 😜.Omg broke people are agg🙄.... how tf is this inappropriate? If her man ok with it why you worried???🧐@mrrushlife yes she does! damn right BiggestFaNShouldBeYoMan!. Amen to that. That's a real women's view. My way too."

Another commenter stated: "My girl!!! That’s what I’m talking about NO back fat!! 🙌🏾You go, girl, flaunt if you got it like that 😀 well she is not married and she not engaged, and she’s grown so even if she was she can move how she likes🤷🏽‍♀️."

This critic claimed: "@toyawright God loves you so much, and you are the Apple of His Eye. God knows all about you and even the thing's you don't speak. When I see you, I see an innocent young lady that grow up to fast( No Shade) You are beautiful on the inside and out. Read your bible & spend so alone time with God. He has an excellent plan for your life( Mind Blowing). This message is not only for Toya. I don't want to sound like a religious nut lol. But I'm just saying what God is putting on my heart right now. Jesus is coming back soon.. All these sins in the land, we never know what will happen; could be us. Hell is real; but so is Heaven. "

Toya does not have time for the critics, and she will probably keep marching to her own beat. Lil Wayne's ex seems very liberated at this point.

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