Toya Wright Talks About Her Imperfections And How She Learns To Embrace Them

Toya Wright Talks About Her Imperfections And How She Learns To Embrace Them
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Toya Wright shared a gorgeous photo featuring herself in the cutest pink outfit, but she also has a strong message to go with this photo. She's telling fans that she has learned to embrace her imperfections and love herself just the way she is.

'embracing my imperfections, learning to love every inch of me. My ugly navel, my stretch marks, and all. The things I hated for years...I’m slowly starting to love. #motherof2 #perfectlyimperfect Outfit: @kayandco_' Toya captioned her photo and addressed a really important subject.

As expected, she triggered excitement in the comments and her fans congratulated her for this positive attitude.

Someone told her, 'You’re perfect nobody sees all of that, only you. We love you with your flaws and all.., diva ❤️💋'

Another follower said: 'I love this outfit T, and your caption! We need more role models like you, making it ok to embrace our natural bodies!'

One commenter wrote: 'My navel sticks out I hated it in middle school now I love it and the stretch marks.'

Someone else posted a question but did not get an answer from Toya: 'A question we want to know but not our business for sure... have you ever had a tummy tuck?'

A fan said the following: 'We catch ourselves looking at others and wishing we could have longer hair, bigger boobs, no stretch marks, a big Butt, dimples, no cellulite etc but we fail ourselves not seeing the beauty in who we are... There are people wishing they had our imperfections as well.. ❤️ #SelfLove'

Another follower said: 'I love my stretch marks honey. Love yourself so that everyone else will 💋'

Toya has been living her best life these days and she has been spending lots of time with her beloved family .

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