Toya Wright Shows Off Her Toned Thighs And Calls Herself A 'Classic'

Toya Wright Shows Off Her Toned Thighs And Calls Herself A 'Classic'
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Toya Wright's latest photo has her fans in awe. She's showing off a lot of skin, and her message is really bold, but fans agree with her words. Check out Toya's latest photo here.

'In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic. 🏆' Toya captioned her photo.

Someone told her, 'You're already a CLASSIC!!!' and another follower said 'I want my legs toned like that!!'

One other supporter wrote this: 'I guess I’ll go to the gym now. I really wanted to sleep in, but Toya’s thigh muscle spoke to my spirit,' and a person addressed Toya's tattoo on her thigh: 'I like you and your fam, please don't take this the wrong way but the thigh tattoo is terrible.'

A commenter praised Toya and said 'You are truly the only woman in the world I would love just to say hi to me. You're so amazing from your voice to your beauty. Absolutely amazing.'

One of Toya's fans noticed her pose: '@toyawright hunty your pose is your brand babe.....own it cause I can't see another copping go Queen😘'

Toya recently had a big announcement for her fans and followers . She was more than proud and happy to announce her fans, or better said, Reign Rushing’s fans, that the cute bundle of joy is walking!

She will be celebrating her very first year soon, so this achievement comes just in time. Fans could hear Toya having tears in her voice.

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