Toya Wright Shows Off Her Happiness In The Latest Photo

Toya Wright Shows Off Her Happiness In The Latest Photo
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Toya Wright shared a photo on her social media account, and she looks gorgeous as always. Here's the pic, together with her caption which shows fans that Toya is really happy these days.

A while ago people suggested that Toya married Robert Rushing already, but the couple did not say anything about a wedding yet.

'That glow hit different when your happy. #facts,' Toya captioned her post.

Someone said 'I love Toya😍😍 always laid and slayed❤just watched an old episode of GHHATL and just loved how she went good Mama Bear bout Nae!!'

Another follower criticized Toya for writing 'your': 'I want y’all to learn the difference between you’re and your. 🙄🤬'

One fan gushed over Toya and said 'With love from Quebec city Canada I LOVE THE WAY you are AND your heavenly body simply gorgeous nice boobs I love the way you look simply beautiful so attractive - thanx again long live girl power.'

Another supporter said 'I must say you represent New Orleans well you give all us hope @ toyawright.'

Not too long ago, Toya called out the whole New Orleans.

She announced fans and followers that she’s excited  to bring the 5k Walk/Run event to her city, New Orleans .

This is an event meant to raise awareness of the terrible health issues caused by obesity. Toya took part in the event last year as well, and it was a total success.

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