Toya Wright Shares Robert Rushing Romantic Vacation Pictures That Might Get Pregnant

Toya Wright Shares Robert Rushing Romantic Vacation Pictures That Might Get Pregnant
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Robert Rushing has decided to sweep Toya Wright off her feet for a romantic vacation in hot Mexico, and many predict that the author will come back to Atlanta pregnant.

Toya shared a few stunning videos of her trip and explained: "Baecation mode on! It’s time to rest, relax and reflect. ❤️ Rush Travel always finds the bomb villas and resorts. #resetvacation #rushtravellifestyle."

One fan told Reginae Carter's mom: "Absolutely Beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you! Blessings to you!Went there in June for my bday such a beautiful place and friendly people I didn’t want to come back. I stayed at Chic beautiful resort I would love to move there if I could enjoy! @toyawright."

Another supporter claimed: "I know u can’t tell the location now, but when u leave please share the name of the resort. Yes to Mr. Rushing on sweeping you off your feet I just love you toya I'm happy for y'all. , I truly did enjoy the show hope there a season 2 happy holidays to you both blessing and love to you both."

This person brought up the joke that Toya made about being married: "Oh, my!!! This is awesome!!!!! Ughhhhh...#OneDay!That's the kinda baecation that get folks pregnant @toyawright this is fly as hell right here WOW, please give the detail on private resort when you leave of course. Man go ahead and marry that man he loves u dearly forget about the past."

Toya recently announced her new book is due out next year: "Thank you everyone for tuning in this season.. you got a chance to witness some of my family’s highs and lows. You’ve watched me and my mother deal with our differences and my oldest daughter and I have our disagreements but we are closer than ever now. I’m happy for my new love and my amazing friends especially @troubleman31 and @majorgirl for allowing us to be a part of something so positive and real. I’m super excited to be releasing my new children’s book! “Learning Colors with Reignbeaux” I decided to release it on Reign’s 1st Birthday 2/8/19. I hope u like it?#familyhustle #readingwithreignbeaux"

This stunning woman has a lot going on, some fans say, and they are proud of her.

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