Toya Wright Shares New Photos Of Her Daughters After Ugly Baby Reign Rushing Controversy

Toya Wright Shares New Photos Of Her Daughters After Ugly Baby Reign Rushing Controversy
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After clapping back at the haters, Toya Wright is moving on with her life and has returned to social media where she shared the most beautiful pictures of her adult daughter, Reginae Carter, and baby Reign Rushing.

In early February, Toya, a very close friend of Tiny Harris, gave birth to her sweet bundle joy.

The girlfriend of Robert "Red" Rushing eventually shared a few photo of Reign on social media, and things went from crazy to mean very quickly in the comment section with cruel people judging the infant's appearance and skin tone.

Many begged Tiny who had shared one of the photos that received so much hate to delete it or turn off the comment section -- she did neither.

In an epic video, Miss Carter did only what a big sister would do; she obliterated the people who spoke ill of the innocent child.

This evening, Toya returned to social media where she posted a few pictures where Carter seems emotional as she stares at her only sister.

The caption stated: "Because I have a sister I’ll always have a friend."

This time around, there is mostly love in the comment section.

One silly note read: "Your baby is pretty, wait scratch that beautiful, hold on this baby is fuccing adorable!!!! Excuse my language, but I just found out that ppl are disgusting and heartless to say this precious baby is less than beautiful. My kids were ugly af when they were born but lol I’m there mom I can say that. Now my kids are beautiful just like I knew they would.Toya stay strong ma! Everything will be as it should. Ppl don’t realize we serve an AWESOME GOD baby."

Another commenter explained: "Yikes.... She took it to 100 and dragged it, but I don't understand why people in 2018 roasting babies of all people like do something read a book, get offline, you don't need to talk shit about newborns.Really people! Are we roasting babies Now? Half of the mf's are ugly themselves girl. Don't take that b.s. to heart! Who cares about those haters. Clearly, they're wack enough to hate a baby so don't even entertain it. They made those comments to get the reaction from which u gave in a gave them. U can't control people. Screw them."

A third person gave Toya an idea by writing: "That’s what happens when you share your life with people on this damn social media!!! I believe this world isn’t meant for babies/children. I do share a tiny portion of mine, but that’s it!! Because people are clueless about life! And to honest, they like to see celebrities go off like this!!"

With a protective sister like Carter, people really need to leave this sweet baby alone.

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  • Tieishier White
    Tieishier White Mar 2, 2018 5:42 AM PST

    That baby is pretty..

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