Toya Wright Reveals Where Fans Can Find Her And Robert Rushing's Weight Loss Product

Toya Wright Reveals Where Fans Can Find Her And Robert Rushing's Weight Loss Product
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It was recently reported that Toya Wright and Robert Rushing have come up with a weight loss product and fans were in awe because they trust Toya and the products that she's advertising. Now, Toya is back, and she's telling everyone where this product can be found.

'Our Weight No More fat burner is now available exclusively at @alpharetta_nutrition ..... stop by and pick one up! Don’t forget to mention the #wnm30 challenge in person for a special discount! #outnow #fatburner #exclusive #supplements #health #wnm,' Toya captioned her post.

She shared another post in which she described the effects of the product and offered fans more details on it:

'Weight No More is designed to increase your energy levels, productivity, and mental focus while breaking down the body fat. Weight No More is Scientifically engineered with key ingredients that trigger the body to mobilize the existing stubborn fat cells and blood lipid molecules and create natural energy for the body (adenosine triphosphate),' Toya wrote.

She continued and explained that 'While taking Weight No More you can expect to boost your metabolism and increase the cellular breakdown in the body as well as boosting the immune system and providing a natural boost of energy throughout the day. #wnmfatburner #nowavailable'

Someone had to ask some questions: 'I have one question beautiful. Did you have surgery? Are did you really work out and use what you promote? Most of your friends had surgery, and then act like working out got them their body (Lies). I trust you to tell the truth 10-26 were very upfront people.'

Another follower gushed over Toya's relationship with Robert: 'So proud of you and happy for you! Everyone needs a good partner, friend, teammate, soulmate!'

Another follower was also happy for Tpya: 'I'm so happy for you Toya you and your lifetime partner and soon to be husband🤗🤗🤗🥂🥂🥂'

Fans respect Toya for her promoting the fight against overweight and obesity via exercise, healthy diets and this product as well.

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