Toya Wright Reveals The Next Location For The 'Weight No More' Event

Toya Wright Reveals The Next Location For The 'Weight No More' Event
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Toya Wright has been involved in the Weight No More movement since last year. This is a collective effort to battle overweight and obesity and all the other health-related issues that are triggered by these conditions.

Now, Toya reveals the next location for the walk/run event.

'Shreveport, La the Weight No More 5k walk/ run is coming to your city!! @iamthekingoffitness told me that his city about to show up and show out. I don’t know Shreveport... My city showed out. lol. Either way I’m so excited and can’t wait to see you guys!! Join us June 8th at Southern Hills Park & Community center. Let’s fight obesity together! Register now at www.,' Toya captioned her video

Fans and followers are appreciating her initiative, and a lot of people from Atlanta tell Toya that she should definitely have another round there.

Toya is a sports enthusiast, and she's also living as healthy as possible. These things, among others, of course, have made Toya a real inspiration to her fans.

In other news, Toya has just celebrated her niece's graduation and shared a lot of pics with Jashae.

She's the daughter of her late brother Josh who was murdered a few years ago together with his brother Rudy.

Fans were in awe to see that Toya's man, Robert Rushing also posed with Jashae and they priased the couple for taking care of her.

It must have been difficult for lovely Jashae to lose her dad at such a young age.

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