Toya Wright Reveals Fans The Strength Of Her Relationship With Robert Rushing

Toya Wright Reveals Fans The Strength Of Her Relationship With Robert Rushing
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Toya Wright just told fans an essential detail about her relationship with Robert Rushing. She revealed the foundation of their strength together in a recent post on her social media account.

Fans have been begging Toya to marry Robert for quite a while now, saying that it's pretty obvious that he loves her.

'The strength of a relationship is based on the foundation u build together.💪🏾#grindtogether #weightnomore,' Toya said.

Somoene posted: 'The fact that she moved on found happiness and true love ❤️ and a man that’s willing to match her hustle and bring something to the table and BUILD.. I definitely see growth. We as women have to learn and grow. 👏👏'

Another follower posted: 'Yeah... y’all might as well get married 😭 a house, business and baby together 😍😍'

A fan gushed over the couple and said: 'Baby you GLOW when Y’all are together❤️ I LOVE SEEING YOU THIS HAPPY💯❤️ POWER COUPLE 💪🏽'

Fans are impressed by the way Robert looks at Toya.

A fan said: 'I'm so Happy for you Toya been watching you for a while. GROWTH is some powerful sh*t. You have happiness all over you. May God Continue 😍❤️'

Another commenter posted: 'I really love the two of you together you can tell that this guy really loves you he's sincere and he's not an opportunist I'm so happy for you for the both of you.'

One of Toya's supporters wrote: 'U better say it boo!!! If only real niggas could only understand that Sh*t!!!!'

Recently, Toya made her fans sad and emotional with a post she shared on social media.

Toya and her daughter Reginae Carter are  commemorating Rudy Johnson  who was murdered together with his brother Josh a few years ago.

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