Toya Wright Raises Awareness About Human Trafficking - See Her Highly Emotional Post

Toya Wright Raises Awareness About Human Trafficking - See Her Highly Emotional Post
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Toya Wright and more celebrities are addressing the sex trafficking issue these days. Toya shared a few stories on her social media account coming from victims of human trafficking, and these are really disturbing and emotional.

You can check out her post and see what she told her fans below.

Someone said: 'Omg, this is scary af!!! Time to keep that pistol on me at all times fu*k dat.'

A follower posted: 'I never park next to Vans, and I dont accept anyone on social media,' and one other commenter said: 'Next time someone following you, drive to the police station. Let them follow you there 💯'

One fan wrote: 'I wonder if the Gov is in on this ... connect the dots ... no abortions allowed kidnapping females to rape and sell ... stuck with baby from rapist... organs are being sold ... 🤔 stay safe #staywoke.'

Another commenter said: 'This is so damn scary just to think about it and your daughters and sons coming up missing god I pray for their safety god take the wheel.'

Someone exclaimed: 'Wow! That is very serious!!! Thank for the information !! Please, ladies and girls and BOYS BE CAREFUL !! 🙏🏼💞💙💯'

A fan told Toya, 'I live here in Birmingham, Al and I’m aware of these locations. Thank you for sharing. This is beyond scary. I hate that we as women are being targeted and preyed on.'

One of Toya's followers said: 'Thanks for taking the time out of your day to make the world aware of what’s really going on 🙏🏼 Amen #staywoke.'

In other news, Toya made her fans happy when she shared a few new posts on her social media account, which include pics and clips of her baby girl, Reign Rushing.

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