Toya Wright Praises The 'Weight No More' Fat Burner And Fans Acknowledge Its Efficiency

Toya Wright Praises The 'Weight No More' Fat Burner And Fans Acknowledge Its Efficiency
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Toya Wright and Robert Rushing created what they say is the best weight loss product: the 'Weight No More' fat burner. She's been advertising this on her social media account, and fans trusted Toya and gave this a try.

A lot of people gushed over the product, saying that it definitely works.

'Have you tried our Weight No More fat burner??? It’s available now online at and In store at @alpharetta_nutrition #whyweight #weightnomore #wnmfatburner 🔥💪🏾' Toya captioned her post.

Someone askedToya: 'Hi Toya, congratulations on Weight No More. I’m having A HARD time eliminating belly & back fat even though I’m in the gym exercising. Will your product help burn that I’m able to see results? I changed my eating habits by eliminating sugary snacks, I’ve decreased animal protein & I don’t eat after 6 pm.'

Toya responded: 'hi! You're on the right track! Changing your eating habits is a huge part of weight loss. The fat burner will help u as well. Try including some type of workout to your day today. You can do it from home. Walk, run or some type of fitness video. Good luck on your fitness journey.'

A follower said: 'Gesh if this gonna work, I need this.. it's really difficult when you're in your forties to lose weight and keep it off...I can reflect back when Monique would say skinny woman are evil...I agree.......a work in progress....'

A fan wrote: '@toyawright girl I am gonna try the fat burner I have heard a lot of good things. Also, it is hard to get in touch with the king of fitness. Can you find out if he has weekly paid plans I only see monthly? Sorry to bother you but I need to lose 150 pounds this weight is gonna take me from my 3 kids. It is hard for me to save monthly to start. I need something where I can pay every week. This man, you and Red are saving ppl lives. I need help getting this weight off my 5-foot frame. Plus I am trying to rock that black dress you just wore the other day 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. You inspire the community.'

Other than this, Toya recently spoke about her daughter, Reginae Carter and her love life.

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