Toya Wright Poses With Tiny Harris And Monica Brown And Fans Call Them A 'Lit Trinity'

Toya Wright Poses With Tiny Harris And Monica Brown And Fans Call Them A 'Lit Trinity'
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It was recently reported that the Harris family had a get together with friends to celebrate once more the life of late Precious Harris. As you all know, T.I.'s sister passed away after a car accident not too long ago.

Tiny shared a few photos from the event, and so did Toya Wright.

Fans are impressed the most by one particular photo that Toya shared. In it, she's together with Tiny and Monica Brown.

'Real Friends make the good times better and bad times easier.❤️' Toya captioned the photo.

Someone gushed over the ladies' friendship and said 'I love real friends call them daughter s strong black beautiful queens my black queens love it,' while a fan noted: 'Lucky for such a LIT TRINITY.'

Another supporter mentioned the fact that loyalty is vital among friends and here's what they said: 'Loyal is vital between friends that will be there to the end no matter what beautiful ladies.'

Someone else gushed over Toya's beauty: 'Toya you’re beautiful I don’t know what kind of water you’re drinking. 😩😩'

A fan wanted to know what Tamar Braxton was not invited. Someone said 'Thought Tamar and Monica was Hashing Everything Out in their issues but Tamar and Kandi Friends again She Needs to be There to Support them or in the Picture with them because Tamar and toya Friends again and Tamar and Tiny are Friends again.'

A follower responded to the Tamar issue with: 'why would you ask her that when her and Tamar fell out and not friends sooooo why Tamar needs to be there or in the picture I’m sure Toya just shook her head at your comment just like I did LOL 😂🤦🏾‍♀️'

The whole Harris family was crushed when Precious died, but they have been trying to cope with the pain for her sake.

Tip’s family, friends, and fans were here for him, and their followers and fans have been flooding his social media with countless of kind words and prayers.


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