Toya Wright Is Proud That Fans Appreciate Her Work At Toya Publishing

Toya Wright Is Proud That Fans Appreciate Her Work At Toya Publishing
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Toya Wight's satisfaction comes from lots of things, and these include her fans. She made sure to share her gratitude with them on her latest post on social media, so make sure to check it out below.

She's a well-known author and diehard fans have read all of her books and can't wait for the next one.

'One of my greatest treasures is my journey. If my journey helps someone on theirs, then I’m happy to know that it’s still providing growth. When we learn from each other, then we can learn to love and respect each other?. #fromdaughterstomother #youjustdontgetit,' Toya captioned her post on Instagram.

Her fans were more than happy to read her post, and they were not shy when it came to flood her comments section with lots of praises.

'A book about becoming a new mom after an almost 20yr difference would be amazing @toyawright There HAVE to be important differences from the first time to the present. From your age, mindset, dreams, the way you see the world, life experiences, etc. Would you consider writing another book??' one of her followers asked Toya.

Someone else noted that 'Kids are a blessing & sometimes they can be a lesson my two daughters 12 & 8 give me the business sometimes ??‍♀️ and u damn right I’ll correct them if they need it.. Girls be having soo much mouth sometimes & we as single mothers only want what’s best for them?.'

'I read the first book you ever wrote!!!! I forgot the name of it, but it taught me some valuable life lessons as a young woman. I was about 15 at the time. Definitely, plan on checking out the others,' another commenter revealed next to Toya's post.

We can't wait for Toya to write another book because she has lots of subjects to cover.

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