Toya Wright Gushes Over Robert Rushing And Fans Urge The Couple To Get Married

Toya Wright Gushes Over Robert Rushing And Fans Urge The Couple To Get Married
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Toya Wright shared a photo on her social media account featuring herself and her better half, Robert Rushing. It's more than obvious how in love these two are, and this is the main reason for which fans are urging them to get married already.

Here's the photo that Toya posted just the other day.

Someone said: 'My mood, but he always makes it better.❤️' and another follower posted: 'Get married already! Stop making us wait 😂😂🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.'

One follower shared this: '💍💍Meet him at the alter in your white dress😍😍😍 nice picture.'

A fan told Toya: 'Y’all give me hope. there’s still true love out there somewhere 😊 #powerCouple.'

Someone else wrote: 'The vulnerability and love in your face are amazing!! 😍🙌 There is Nothing like that safe place you find your loved ones' arms.❤️🙏'

One commenter posted: 'See you left that other energy behind and the universe brought you something sweet and real! Kudos to you beautiful! You deserve all the happiness! I just felt compelled to say that! You look so happy 😘💜'

Someone said: 'You look so calm & at ease with him. Wishing yall the best!💙'

Another follower gushed over the couple: 'That's beautiful!! I pray that all our black women get to feel this, we deserve it. And you definitely do!'

Other than this, Toya is getting ready for an important celebration.

The initiative to combat obesity and overweight called Weight No More  is almost 1 year old .

Fans are offering gratitude to Toya for this movement.

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