Toya Wright Gushes Over Her Daughter, Reginae Carter After Her First Movie Is Out And Kandi Burruss Regrets Not Being Able To See It

Toya Wright Gushes Over Her Daughter, Reginae Carter After Her First Movie Is Out And Kandi Burruss Regrets Not Being Able To See It
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As you probably know by now, Lifetime TV aired Reginae Carter's first movie and everyone is proud of Toya Wright's daughter. As expected, her mom also wanted to mark this event and she shared some posts on her social media account.

'Today is the day!!! I’m so proud of my baby. Tune in tonight 8/7 c on @lifetimetv #prideandprejudiceatlanta,' Toya posted.


Kandi Burruss hopped in the comments section and said: 'I wish I was there to see it!'

Kandi is currently on the coolest tripe ever with her daughter, Riley Burruss. They are in Tokyo and they're having the time of their lives.

Someone said, 'Yasss I been waiting for this my fellow sag bout to kill it 🔥♥️ gone head now nae get it!!' and a commenter posted, 'Omg!! Congratulations @colormenae on your first television movie... proud of you.'

A person gushed over the movie and wrote: 'Great movie u did that nae!!!! It's only up from here baby girl keep making ur parents n family proud! 🔥😍'


Someone else wrote that 'I’m Glad Hollywood never changed her I’m tuning in that’s lil Wayne’s the Goats First Daugther, is you shitting me Excited 💯💯💯💯'

Another fan praised the movie: 'It was a good movie, love. She is on her way!!!!!! Blessings Always!!!!'

Tiny Harris has also made sure to support Reginae and she shared a message on her social media account as well.


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  • Carla
    Carla Jun 21, 2019 12:33 PM PDT

    I wish Reginae the best, however I wish she would stay off of social media and keep her business to herself. I see alot of actors and artist are never talked about on social media, the news, tabloids or anything, because they are very private and low key !!!! Everything is not for everyone and everyone don't need to know everything. If you want to be classy then do that and stop putting your business on the internet and always posting pictures of yourself. It appears that you are looking for much needed attention. Keep a low profile and folk won't have so much to say. Deal with guys who have something more going for themselves and who carries themselves in a very private manner. I never knew Lauren London had a second child period, but that's because she don't put herself out there like that. The less people know and see the less they will speak negatively about you. No one needs to know who you are dating or anything else, period. Learn to keep a low profile Reginae !! You give folk too much all the time and today it's not a cool thing to put everything out there. That's the problem with a lot of folk always putting things on social media. Your life should be private and not for everyone to see what you are doing !!!!!!!!!!! People are just doing the most now with social media. Attention seekers, be happy with keeping it low !!!!!!

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