Toya Wright Goes For The Jugular Against People Who Call Baby Reign Ugly Or Judge Reginae Carter

Toya Wright Goes For The Jugular Against People Who Call Baby Reign Ugly Or Judge Reginae Carter
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On this Monday morning, Toya Wright had some time, so she decided to take down, drag, and destroy all the haters and trolls who have been bashing her baby girl, Reign Rushing.

The cute daughter of Toya and Robert Rushing recently celebrated her first birthday, and the proud parents shared tons of pictures of the event online.

Thousands of fans were happy to wish the adorable baby a happy birthday and send her lots of love. However, a group of trolls dropped mean and nasty comments about Reign's looks and claimed she is ugly.

Mama bear Toya, who is fed up, decided to go for the jugular and eliminate the mean people.

She said: "People are so fucking miserable. How can you talk about an innocent baby? Who the [email protected] raised y’all stupid a$ses? I said I was not going to entertain the negativity, but I’m sick of it. Social media goes too far. My kids always have and always will come before any of this shit, and I will not tolerate any disrespect when it comes to them. Bet the land on that! With that being [email protected] ANYbody that has ANYthing negative to say about my daughters. Now back to my regularly scheduled program. ✌🏾 #missmewiththecyberbullying"

Most fans are applauding Toya for the takedown.

One person said: "Beautiful she’s thinking what’s next. With the finger on the head. Misery loves company 🤷🏽‍♀️two beautiful daughters and a beautiful Mommy. ❤️😍😍😍"

Another stated: "She’s beautiful. Hurt people hurt people. Some people are so miserable they put others down just to puff themselves up. Why? Because they have low self-esteem. This is the main reason people don’t post their kids! The internet has to give a lot of people balls that they don’t have in real life!"

This positive comment read: "I agree w most ppl...don't put them out there if you don't want the negative comments, but it's still pretty disgusting that ppl could bully a baby! Fools will say anything. They are Unhappy and jealous, so they decide to spend extremely too much Time on looking for negativity instead of using that energy to fix themselves !!!"

Should Toya stop posting pictures of her baby to protect her?

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  • Hixie Slate
    Hixie Slate Feb 20, 2019 2:27 AM PST

    Beautiful girl's and you are beautiful inside and out I thank you for showing your lil one she so precious let them hate cause your baby got more money lol than they do show your baby if you like and the hell with them the one that saying that put there baby pictures up and see how they feel about someone talking about there but anyway I love you and your family may God continue to bless yall much love❤

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