Toya Wright Gets Shaded By Baby Reign In Adorable Video That Will Make Reginae Carter Smile

Toya Wright Gets Shaded By Baby Reign In Adorable Video That Will Make Reginae Carter Smile

Poor Toya Wright, fans are laughing at her because she is being disrespected by the cutest and youngest member of her family, baby Reign Rushing.

The sweet little girl is now talking, and she refuses to say mom or mama; instead, she keeps repeating her older sister Reginae Carter's nickname, Nae Nae.

Toya is furious, but her fans are giggling at the adorable video where they can hear Reign say her first words.

Toya said: "She love her big sister... she say Nae Nae all day but won’t say, Mama.?"

One fan shared: "The baby has fuller eyebrows than me ? wow a goddess .. I have a 10-month old that says about six words. Everything but mama? #annoyed ?She so smart she actually looked at her finger to see if she picked up the crumb ??Babies NEVER wanna say mama but soon as they past 3 don’t know nobody name BUT mama ??she said that clear asf. Now we know who really gives her the snacks. I love to see celebs have the same stuff I have...makes me feel like I'm not too, we got the same table girl. "

Another commenter stated: "Awwwwww she melted my heart. I’d be pissed off if she kept saying my daughter name and not mama ?All these commenters are so damn pathetic. If you were black, they would be wheeew chile’ing. I can’t stand how hypocritical my community can be sometimes. It’s an embarrassment. Period. Wait so where are all of you eyebrows since the baby got more than those commenting about theirs.?"

This follower claimed: "Be prepared to be upset sis ??Babies are so disrespectful, they never do what you want or need them to! ????? She’s a cutie patootie though! ? I have two, and both of their first words were dada. Let him tell it; he’s their fav! But I quickly told him what they told me In parenting class; babies can’t really pronounce Ms at first. It’s easier to make a D or B sound. ?"

Reign is in a league of her own and is clearly the queen of Toya's castle.

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