Toya Wright Gets Raw In New Interview And Explains What She And Lil Wayne Think About Some Of Reginae Carter's Life Choices

Toya Wright Gets Raw In New Interview And Explains What She And Lil Wayne Think About Some Of Reginae Carter's Life Choices
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Reports about possible problems between Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci have been going around for a while now, but there were no official confirmations about any of the things that were being said about the two.

However, Toya Wright has recently confirmed that the two have indeed decided to end their relationship, and things between them are officially over.

Fans have been able to get a glimpse of their wild relationship from the outside to some extent, thanks to Reginae's active presence on social media and her tendency to share lots of candid details about her relationship status.

Lil Wayne's daughter did not seem to have any qualms about airing her dirty laundry for the whole world to see and was somewhat happy to receive so much attention over the drama she was surrounded by.

It does not seem like Toya is against the breakup anyway, as she has previously expressed her disappointment in the way the relationship was going and was seemingly against it as a whole.

However, she also admitted that she wanted her daughter to be happy, so she was willing to go through whatever it took to see that, even if it meant enduring the presence of YFN Lucci in her life. And she was not a fan of the age difference.

Toya said the following to the Shade Room : "She's single...I mean, hey. She's young. You live, and you learn. I just want the best for my kid at the end of the day. It's no shade against Lucci. I wish him the best, but I want the best for her. She I just want my daughter to be happy. I want her to get focused on her first and love, that'll come next."

One fan reacted to the interview by saying: "She should've said: I want a man for my daughter who will respect her publicly and privately. A man is closer to her age WITHOUT children. A man that will honor her love her and be a part of her happiness."

Another commenter stated: "Like parent should do. Yall mad because yall parents won't share the damnn EBT CARD.. stop being mad at that little girl... & why stop toys and ask her a million questions about her daughter."

This backer wrote: "Can you teach other parents of the black community how to help their kids when they may be in need of some sort of financial help? These parents are throwing kids out at 18 and leaving them for deas.🙄"

Where will Reginae go from here? It is hard to tell, but she seems to be in the mood for taking some time off at this point to focus on her coins.

Which is perfectly understandable too, all things considered.


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