Toya Wright Gets A Detox System From Daughter Reginae Carter And Shares It With Fans

Toya Wright Gets A Detox System From Daughter Reginae Carter And Shares It With Fans

Toya Wright shows her fans and followers what she's been using for the body's detox, and it's a product that she received from Reginae Carter. Check it out below.

'I’ve been running around like crazy lately with Reign, which is the main reason why I became a #teamipartner. Little baby is starting to crawl and lord she is a handful. It’s been a little exhausting, especially with how busy BBH has been lately but I am blessed. It takes a lot to run a business, especially with a baby at home. So I’ve been relying on my @teamiblends detox to help keep up with schedule!' Toya began her post on Instagram and announced that Nae gave this product to her.

'@colormenae got me on this after she started using it and we’ve both been obsessed. It’s completely replaced my daily tea and I can see and feel such a difference. 13 days in and this detox program has been the only thing that makes my stomach feel better. It takes care of all the toxins in my system that make me feel so tired and bloated all the time. Trust me, I've tried other products like this and wasted my money and time. I recommend this to everyone! And use code TOYA25 for 25% off your Teami order! #thankyouteami' Nae's mother finished capti0oning her post.

One of her fans popped up in the comments section to praise her hard: 'Okay but can I just say that you are so beautiful!!!! I couldn't concentrate on your message because I'm thinking she is gorgeous!!! Love from MS and smooches to baby Reign?'

Another person said 'Toya.... You are doing a Awesome Job with your baby, staying on your grind and working out. Not that you know me, but please know that you've inspired me, and I'm Super Proud of You.'

Someone else also gushed over Toya and wrote these kind words: 'ABSOLUTE INSPIRATION humble but a badass REAL A MOMMY FIRST wife daughter friend n role MODEL the more you open up on how you grew up sharing your REAL STRUGGLES no shame straight life real everyday stuff, the more you amaze me n everyone who admires you.'

Toya recently shared another product with her fans , and it seems that she's on an advertising spree.

That one was a product against hair-related issues, and she also shared before and after videos, although not all of her fans were convinced.

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