Toya Wright Doesn't Believe In Quick Fixes To Help Her Achieve Health And Fitness Goals

Toya Wright Doesn't Believe In Quick Fixes To Help Her Achieve Health And Fitness Goals
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Toya Wright has been really busy these days with the Weight No More movement. She has been calling everyone out for the 5k walk/run event and she made sure to offer her gratitude to everyone who has been supporting her and came.

As you already know, this movement aims to raise awareness on a really stringent issue which is obesity/overweight and all the health issues that are associated with this.

Toya just told her IG followers that she's not here for all kinds of products that promise to get you snatched in no time but she's still promoting one that she uses and she trusts.

A lot of fans said that they will also try it because they trust Toya.

'Let me say, since #WNM I don’t believe in quick fixes to help me achieve my health & fitness goals. However, I can say that I love being a #teamipartner and genuinely gave the @teamiblends detox a try and the results are real! Before I started Teami, trying not to stuff ALL the junk food in my face was a struggle but this has helped my cravings so much and now I make much healthier choices if I want a snack. It's important to fuel and cleanse ya body which is why I personally recommend this! Use my code TOYA20 to save 20% off and let me know how you love it! #thankyouteami,' Toya captioned her post.

Someone commented: 'Toya, I'm trying this 14-day challenge it's been so hard but I know I can do it. Day 2 almost gone.'

A follower said, 'Toya I have heard of this cleansing this detox I'm going to try it especially since you're promoting it.'

One fan posted: 'The tea has a great taste. Even the detox tea has a good taste.'

Speaking of the 14-day challenge, it was earlier reported that Toya her daughter Reginae Carter started the 14-day no sugar challenge . Toya explained what’s this all about and so did Nae in her IG stories.

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