Toya Wright Congratulates Lil Wayne's Other Baby Mama Nivea On Her Surprising Announcement

Toya Wright Congratulates Lil Wayne's Other Baby Mama Nivea On Her Surprising Announcement
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One of Lil Wayne's baby mamas, Nivea, made a big announcement and Toya Wright was one of the first people to praise her.

On Friday, the diva, who is famous for hit songs like "Don't Mess with My Man" as well as "Laundromat" that were huge hits in the early 2000s, says she is coming back.

The R&B singer, who was engaged to rapper Lil Wayne and married to hitmaker Terius Youngdell Nash, better known as The-Dream, has been taken a break from the music scene and is now getting ready to drop a new single.

Toya wrote:

Fans are happy that Toya is supportive of the diva.

One person said: "Love that she and Toya have a good relationship tired of seeing baby momma drama, okay u reaching with real singers comment sis. She had a cute bop R. Kelly wrote, album Tricky & Dream wrote/produced for her when they were really young in the game & a cute feature. But I welcome the new music; she was popular back in the day. FYI my 20yr reunion is next month. Don’t she got a baby by Lil Wayne and by what’s his name dang I can’t remember now. Ummm The Dream??? Don’t Christina Milan daughter share a sibling because of them? I’m getting old!"

Another commenter stated: "Kids these days are idiots Nivea go do ur thing. Talented more than any Instagram thot. She's a singer and lil Wayne's baby mama. Never has she been an Instagram model. And she was a singer BEFORE becoming Wayne's BM might I add.I’m tired of playing laundromat and complicated lol! I need some new stuff .she played a big part in the early 2000’s. You don’t have to be a legend to be given the credit that you deserve. She had a huge fan base when she was out and songs that are still played by many till this day and that’s all that matters. Put some respect on her name .he take care of his kids and respect them as his kids' Mother’s what do they have to be mad about. Clearly, the ones who asking who Nivea is or calling her an Instagram model must be 15-25 ... where has she been I wonder? “ soap powder, fabric softener.”

This person wrote: "There was a grown woman on here calling Nivea an IG model. Some may not know, but a lot of them do. The clown. Lol. Comments like the ones in this section are the reason why the world will miss out some of the most beautiful showcases of talents.. one comment even said: “ y’all listen to anything that’s thick and look halfway decent.” That is a very talented woman u may like some of her music if u give it a chance."

Will you be getting Nivea's new track?

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  • Angelfrmla
    Angelfrmla Aug 18, 2018 8:55 AM PDT

    Sure if it sounds good I love good music. Toya on here grown woman game she over Wayne she probably loves him as her childs father and wont no harm to him most time when drama between baby mama's its unresolved feelings some where I get along well wit my baby daddy others me and my man sit at baby daddy mama house with them all no problems

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