Toya Wright And Robert Rushing Pose Together And Fans Are Praising The Couple

Toya Wright And Robert Rushing Pose Together And Fans Are Praising The Couple
Credit: BET

Toya Wright shared a photo in which she's together with Robert Rushing and fans cannot get enough of the couple. Check out the pic below.

Someone said: 'Reign Father knows deeply what Toya has been thru with Memphis he is given her time to heal mentally so when the wedding day do come its going to be good to go on both couple...Yall relax give them time ...#Ijs'

A follower posted: 'Marry that man already y’all look beautiful together 😍❤️💪🏽'

A commenter said: 'I’m so truly happy for you. Love looks good on you both😊😊'

One person shared: 'Damn it man i dont kno yall personally but aye yo dude you better sho her all the way New New isht fa ever #TeamToya.'

One other commenter also said that these two should get married: 'Toya it’s time to marry your man @mrrushlife ❤️he’s your happily ever after!!🙌🏽'

One other follower posted: 'Loveeeeeee that Toya is opening up more to Redd that’s right Love on yo man T💪🏾😎💁🏾‍♀️ & You can tell that Redd loves him some Toya.'

A person said: 'I like that he always looks at the camera. I hate when women share pics of men who clearly don't want to be photoed.'

Another fan told Toya to marry Robert: 'Marry him then Toya you give him the baby now the marriage have faith... he gone be there for a lifetime they don't come like that these days Do It!!!!!❤'

In other news, Toya revealed the coolest surprise to her fans. And no, it’s not the much-awaited engagement to Robert Rushing.

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