Toya Jonhson's Daughter, Reign Rushing Is A Young Lady Already - Check Out Her Latest Photos

Toya Jonhson's Daughter, Reign Rushing Is A Young Lady Already - Check Out Her Latest Photos
Credit: BET

Toya Johnson shared some new pics of her daughter, Reign Rushing, who became quite a lady. Reigny grows up really fans, and you can see for yourselves in the pics below.

'My little @reign_beaux is getting so big,' Toya captioned one of her posts which includes lots of pics featuring Reign.

Tiny Harris hopped in the comments and said: 'Omg so damn cute!!!' and someone else said: 'She is her father's twin....all that work for her to be all him she's a beauty.'

A follower exclaimed: 'She is so beautiful all those haters she had as a baby and she just getting cuter and cuter,' and someone else gushed over Reigny's outfit: 'I’m Loving Her Sandals @toyajohnson She’s Sooo Pretty.'

Another follower said: 'Hey, Reign @toyajohnson she is a 2-year-old fashionista in 2 yr. old clothes, not that grown sh^t @toyajohnson yall both cute.'

Someone else posted this message for Toya: '@toyajohnson Toya her sandals are so cute, she’s just adorable,' and another fan also praised Reigny: 'She’s beautiful my little girl just as Mommy is that me?! Lol I said no but you both are beautiful.'

Toya was recently in the spotlight in relation to her other daughter, Reginae Carter.

The proud mom of two has been talking to her fans about various of her books these days.

She also wrote a book together with her daughter Reginae Carter, and she shared a couple of promo videos for this mother-daughter book.

Fans appreciate these promos that Toya did with Nae, and they made sure to tell this to Robert Rushing's wife.

The clips are really funny, and they're describing the tumultuous relationship between daughters and mothers these days.

Other than this, Toya has been spending time at home with her family these days, and she is also telling followers to do the same as much as possible.


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