Toya Johnson's Photo Featuring Baby Reign Rushing Has Fans Emotional

Toya Johnson's Photo Featuring Baby Reign Rushing Has Fans Emotional
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Toya Johnson shared a photo featuring her daughter, Reign Rushing looking out the window. This is what Toya's fans are doing as well, and the dramatic situation is the fact that almost the whole planet is having the same enemy and sadness these days: when can we go out again and when will life get back to normal?

'Mommy?... What time does outside open?' Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I’m with Reign I’ve had enough of inside,' and another follower said: 'I have to do this with my toddler everyday...😢... sooon I say, they think they are being punished... I wish people would get it together so we can go back to normal.'

Lots of fans said that they've also had enough of this global crisis and they want their lives back. More fans also said that such a tragedy is showing us all that we used to be happy before, and we did not even know this until now, when so many things that we used to take for granted have been taken away from us.

Another follower said: 'That’s exactly how I feel too reign! Lol 😂 please let me out!' and someone else posted: 'Aww poor 💕 this so sad for the kids man my daughter feel the same way.'

One other follower said: 'Awwwww pooooh I hate that the babies have to go through this...' and a fan posted this: 'I’m not letting my baby play outside at all I think one big wind gonna hit us and we both sick.'

Someone else wrote: 'So precious! She looks like when little girls were, little girls! Not these grown azz little girls!' and a follower said: 'Reign, when you find out- let me know! I wanna know the same thing!'

Toya is social distancing just like the rest of us, and she’s trying to find all kinds of fun activities to do while at home. She’s spending her days with Robert Rushing, their baby girl Reign Rushing, and her niece Jashae .

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