Toya Johnson's Daughter, Reginae Carter Finally Addresses Her Breakup From YFN Lucci - Watch The Video

Toya Johnson's Daughter, Reginae Carter Finally Addresses Her Breakup From YFN Lucci - Watch The Video
Credit: BET

Toya Johnson's daughter, Reginae Carter' s diehard fans already know that she ended her relationship with YFN Lucci back in 2019. This was a pretty toxic relationship, according to her fans, who celebrated when they learned that it's all over between these two.

People kept telling her that she deserves better for quite a while, and they were really happy when she was able to break free at last.

Here's a video in which she addresses this breakup which was not an easy thing for her.

A follower laughed and said: '“It’s certain things that you just don’t do. ESPECIALLY dating me”'

One commenter posted this: 'I’m so happy she left, can’t wait for Iyanna to get to this place too 😩' and someone else posted this message: 'of course a dude that wasn’t serious about a chick seems immature. But he had a baby on her why everything else seems so bad?

Other than this, Nae made her fans happy recently when she revealed that she created her very own YouTube video and she also posted a clip. You can check it out below:

Someone said: 'Congratulations Nae Nae. I watch a lot of Yt so my advice is to stay consistent and put out fun, entertaining content. You got this girl.'

One person gushed over Nae and said: 'I love your personality can't wait for some great content here on youtube. Also. I followed u on tik tok today, you be so on point with your tik tok videos.'

One other commenter said: 'I am assuming this just might be some the best original clips with the most outstanding creative arts, animation and designs money could buy. I am looking forwards to growing up together ladies. Cool!'

A person told Nae, 'I just subscribed... I been on YouTube so many years and been discouraged about posting because I don’t have everything I need to do it 100% but I love seeing new YouTubers come with a plan and good quality content... Yay Nae!!!'

What do you think about Nae's first YouTube video?


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