Toya Johnson's Baby Girl, Reign Rushing Has The Time Of Her Life At A Birthday Party

Toya Johnson's Baby Girl, Reign Rushing Has The Time Of Her Life At A Birthday Party
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Toya Johnson shared some pics and clips featuring herself and her baby girl, Reign Rushing, from a birthday party. It looks like Reign had the time of her life there. Check out the post below.

'We celebrated princess @ourrorystory birthday today! So much fun! We love you, Rory! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰' Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I can’t with your baby girl she cracks me up her reaction was too cute,' and another follower posted this: 'The fact that she's covering her face as she blushes I cannot!! Too cute.'

One of Toya's fans wrote: 'So amazing she is so amazing and beautiful and funny and lovely,' and another one of her followers also gushed over baby Reign: 'She’s so precious. I want a little girl so bad that it Brings joyous tears to my eyes when I watch videos of her.'

Someone else said: 'I like the way she’s singing with her guess, such an adorable little girl,' and one other follower posted this: 'Reign is a whole mood every day. Love her personality.'

Another follower wrote: 'Reign has such a strong personality, how could you not adore her, brightens my day lady.'

A fan told Toya that '@toyajohnson Now every time I see you baby girl, I am waiting for her to be like SIKE! 🀣😍.'

Just the otheer day, Toya was telling her fans that she cannot believe that Reigny will be two years old in less than three weeks from now.

β€˜My baby is getting so big.😩😩. She will be 2 in 3 weeks. #theygrowsofast @reign_beaux πŸ’•πŸ’•β€™ Toya captioned her post which includes some pics of gorgeous Reigny.

Toya’s followers could not believe that Reigny is only two – this is because she's so smart.

Toya is living her best life these days with her family and friends and people could not be happier for her.

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