Toya Johnson Went For A Sunday Hike With Robert Rushing - See Their Gorgeous Pics & Clips

Toya Johnson Went For A Sunday Hike With Robert Rushing - See Their Gorgeous Pics & Clips
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Toya Johnson shared some photos and clips on her social media account in which she's together with Robert Rushing, hiking. Check out the post that made fans smile and also had some criticizing Toya.

Someone hopped in the comments and told this to Toya: 'Don't wear a mask if your not around people? It reduces the oxygen in your body and you will become weak as you workout. Be safe 😍.'

Toya responded to the follower: ' lots of people were out there lol'

Someone else responded: 'Wearing a mask does not reduce the oxygen in your body 🙄as a medical professional i can tell you first hand that is a lie.'

A commenter wrote: 'wearing a mask doesn’t reduce oxygen ... Your lungs make oxygen available to your body and remove other gases, such as carbon dioxide, from your body. She’s quite alright.'

Someone else said: 'it won't reduce your oxygen but it does weaken your immune system and allows bacteria to sit on your face. If she isn't in close proximity to people with COVID, there no chance she will get it with or without a mask. It looks like people are around but none are in close proximity so, she doesn't need a mask. At this point, it can only do more harm than good.'

Another commenter said: 'Beautiful! I never knew this was here! Thank you ❤️ happy Sunday,' and one other follower posted this message: 'it has become a habit for me.. to wear my mask's to people out safe black ppl.. happy Sunday to your beautiful family.'

The other day, Toya visited the wild animal Safari together with her family, and she made sure to document their trip on her social media account.

‘Beautiful day with the fam at the wild animal Safari. 🦒 🦓 🐖’ Toya captioned her post.

Fans loved the photos she shared from there.

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