Toya Johnson Surprises Her Fans With This Message

Toya Johnson Surprises Her Fans With This Message
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Toya Johnson surprised her fans with this message that she recently shared on her social media account below. Check out the post that she dropped.

'There’s a lot going on in the world, but it’s still a NEW YEAR, and I’m more focused than ever on being my best self, and I want you to do the same! That’s why I’m partnering with @bodycompleterx to offer 3 of you a chance to win a wellness bundle from them of your choice!' Toya began her message.

She continued and said: 'Here’s what you need to do! 1. Choose a bundle below: (TRIM, GLOW, OR THRIVE) TRIM - Weight Management Bundle GLOW - Collagen & Vitamin C Serum Bundle THRIVE - Vitamin Bundle (featuring a women (or men’s) multivitamin, probiotic capsules, immunity vitamins) 2. Then tell me which bundle you need and WHY 👇🏽 and I’ll give it to you and 2 friends you tagged so y’all can join me on this journey! 3. Make sure you are following @bodycompleterx for updates on the winners announced Monday at 11am EST! Let’s go! ✨' Toya captioned her post.

Somoene said: 'With all that going on, our immune systems need to be,' and a follower posted this: 'Ok TRIM because I’m still trimming off the weight they made me gain back to heal from losing so much weight when I was going through chemotherapy and radiation 🥲 last month I did HCG and lost 17 lbs, but I still need to lose 25 more pounds. And I need THRIVE too.'

One commenter said: 'Glow -I’m older and I believe that collagen its good for elasticity' and somoene else posted this message: ' so well needed to be stressed overwhelmed during this lockdown but I overcame so much, but help is needed.'

One fan posted this: 'Hello @toyajohnson .. I'm now following @bodycompleterx. I chose All - trim, glow and thrive because I feel I can benefit from them all due to my battle with Lupus. My weight fluctuates because of my Medications, which is sometimes depressing. I use to walk 2-3 miles a day, but I had surgery on my right foot, which prevents me from walking no more than a mile 2-3 times a week. I have changed my eating habits and I do not eat after 7:30p. I'm trying, but I need a little help. Thank you💜'

In other news, Toya Johnson  revealed a video and a message in which she’s telling people all about the hair secrets that she has.


Check out the post that Toya shared on her social media account.

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