Toya Johnson Posts Cute Photos With Daughter Reign Rushing -- Fans Defend Duo After Critics Slammed Child's Looks

Toya Johnson Posts Cute Photos With Daughter Reign Rushing -- Fans Defend Duo After Critics Slammed Child's Looks
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Toya Johnson is joined by her young daughter, Reign Ryan Rushing, in her latest photoshoot for Fashion Nova. The pair is wearing matching outfits. Mom and child look great, but the photos have sparked a lot of reactions.

Some supporters were enthusiastic and showed love to the adorable pair. However, some of the other comments focused on different issues that are more contentious.

It all started with some wondering which parent Reign resembles the most. One person wrote, "I cannot figure out who the hell that kid looks like cause she doesn’t look like either of them 🥴."

The comment led to the following response: "The fact that you have grown adults commenting on a child’s features says a lot about their character."

A second person went in the same direction with: "It’s a special place in hell for these people commenting on this beautiful black child. Let alone her gorgeous mama. Foh!!!"

A third observer added: "I hate y’all. Most of you have such “high standards “ whole time y’all looking like your mama and daddy were brother and sister. Humble yourselves 😒."

Another follower decided to open the topic to something larger: "The minute Kardashian mixed babies get posted they go crazy over them. That’s all black ppl do is degrade little black girls than when they grow up, they blame them for being insecure."

An Instagrammer opted to talk about motherhood and raising children of different ages: "This is cute but I don’t get why older women who had kids at a young age would want to continue having kids .they just spend 18 years raising one. Now that one is finally grown, you’re free. You’re mid/late 30s Why spend the next 18 years raising babies. Wouldn’t you wanna be free?"

This social media user blasted those criticizing the child: "Y’all ppl are horrible ❗️talking bout somebody child first it was willow then Blue ivy now this girl but y’all gonna say how beautiful they r as they get older 🙄y’all sad fr."

A positive message read: "The beauty of a black woman is a fine wine, refined purely from heaven by God himself. I love my black woman."

It is impossible to please everyone, and Toya has made the choice to keep moving forward with her adorable daughter.

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