Toya Johnson Offers Workout Tips To Fans - Check Out The Clips And Her Message

Toya Johnson Offers Workout Tips To Fans - Check Out The Clips And Her Message
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Toya Johnson started 2020, saying that she plans to live a healthier life this year. She also showed off her achievements regarding weight loss, and fans are proud of her.

Toya's followers even called her motivational, and they are grateful for the fact that she initiated the Weight No More movement.

This is an initiative debuted by Toya and her hubby to be, Robert Rushing back in 2019 and it aims to raise awareness about obesity and overweight.

'Workout Tips: Get a full coverage workout band. I use @whatwaistofficial and I have been using them for some time now. @whatwaistofficial workout bands are great for a few reasons,' Toya began her post.

She continued and revealed the tips mentioned above: '1. It helps me trap heat around my waist making me sweat like crazy😅 2. It acts like a resistant band for my waist making my workouts harder but I do see results faster, which is very encouraging for me to keep working hard. 3. It’s doesn’t roll on me and it feels very comfortable to workout in. 4. Drink your water ladies, It’s a natural detox. I like to add lemon to my water. Happy workouts! Go check out @whatwaistofficial and tell them I sent you!' Toya continued the caption of her post.

Someone said: 'Whew child you and your daughter are twins, I thought the first slide was her.'

Another follower praised Toya's youth and posted this: 'Mrs. Johnson is aging.... Not at all. Must be the love. Looking about 18 in the last pic.i love it. Can't wait for the wedding pics. She's going to be beautiful.'

One other follower said: 'Get girl get it Toya. I love you so much yo it's like I know you I love you Toya.'

One of Toya's followers said: 'You go @toyajohnson!! Inspiration! I need to join the gym again!'

Speaking about weight loss, a couple of days ago, Toya shared before and after photos to illustrate her recent weight loss . Fans are here for this, and they call Reginae Carter’s mom an inspiration.

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