Toya Johnson Makes Fans Laugh With This Video Featuring Robert Rushing And Reigny

Toya Johnson Makes Fans Laugh With This Video Featuring Robert Rushing And Reigny
Credit: BET

Toya Johnson shared a video on her social media account that had fans laughing. It features baby Reing and her daddy, Robert Rushing .

Someone said: 'lil girls are so possessive over their daddies,' and another follower posted this message: 'Reign is exactly why I’m scared to have my own Reign😭😭😭 cause girl.'

A commenter wrote: 'Thursday Motivation: "Focus on what you're doing, not what others are doing!' and someone else said: 'Girls don’t play about their daddy. Like at all.'

A fan posted: 'She said that’s my daddy sis 😭' and someone else said: 'She's a quick-witted little one. comes in handy in life! 💯🤣🤣'

One other commenter posted this: 'What sis know about a “your own daddy”' and someone else said: 'She called you sis? I love reign!! She doesn’t give a damn lol ❤️'

An Instagrammer posted: 'Guess you better go get YOUR daddy sis,' and one other follower said: 'Daddy’s girls don’t know what competition is because there is none 😂. She made sure to return the energy when she said you go your own daddy SIS 🤣.'

Someone else posted this: 'Did she say that’s my daddy sus 🤣🤣😫😫😍 @toyajohnson what are you going to do with her,' and another follower said: 'girls are so serious about their daddy' be backing up sis.'

In other news, Toya Johnson  shared new pics and clips on her social media account that seem to have some of her fans worried. They tell her not to lose any more weight.

Also, Toya ‘s daughter, Reign Rushing had a great  photo session  and you can see her latest pics below.

‘My baby getting so big.😩💞💞 @reign_beaux Shirt: @frobabies,’ Toya captioned her post.

Toya is living her best life with her baby girl and Robert Rushing. These two are supposed to get married this year.


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