Toya Johnson Has The Best Advice For C-Section Mommies

Toya Johnson Has The Best Advice For C-Section Mommies
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Toya Johnson has great advice for C-section moms. Check out what she posted on her social media account here.

'For a C section, mommy @nowaistallowed is a dream come true😍it gives me that extra hold for the part of my stomach that I just cannot get rid of and the best thing about it is it’s seamless! From the restroom access to the butt lift, to the waist cinch to the stomach flattener @nowaistallowed garment is bomb my stylist @therealnoigjeremy put me on so I’ll put yall on USE CODE “Toya” for $$ OFF
If you’re in Miami they’re having a pop-up shop this Saturday go get you one.💁🏾‍♀️' Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Girl u don’t have no PUDGE 😏 bye Toya 😂😂 but they are good I luv mines lol' and a commenter posted this: 'You're one of them who makes me feel good.'

A commenter posted this message: 'I love mine, it keeps me snatched. But the only thing I don't like about it is that you have to take it off to use the bathroom. Mine comes with a zipper between the legs but chile it doesn't help.'

Someone else said: 'Y'all this garment is insane. It Makes ur waist disappear & your butt reappear 🍑'

Toya Johnson   is working out like crazy and you can see this in the clip that she shared on her social media account. Check it out below.

A fan said: 'Love a woman that puts time into her body,' and another commenter posted this: 'That body good be looking good in that WEDDING GOWN 😍'


In other news,  Toya Johnson revealed to her fans what she has been doing when she cannot go to the gym. Check out her post.

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