Toya Johnson Flaunts Her Exercise Routine And Fans Understand Why She Looks So Great

Toya Johnson Flaunts Her Exercise Routine And Fans Understand Why She Looks So Great
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Toya Johnson loves to work out like crazy, and she is always posting videos featuring her workout routine for fans. People understand the great effort that she makes to look as she does.

TSR notes that 'Toya's here with the midweek inspiration in her @whatwaistofficial sweat-inducing double strap Black Vapor Define Waist Band. Available in sizes XS-8XL at

Got your band but need help on where to get started? Head over to @warriorlifestyleprogram for exclusive recipes, certified instructor-led exercises, and mental health tips.

Someone said: 'The real bodies crew raise your hand up and another follower posted this message: 'Ayeee I know yall see them yams jumpin back there!!! I know it ain't just me lol.'

One other follower said: 'She looks great. However, she’s leaning forward a little too much when doing her squats.'

One othe follower said: 'Her and her daughter went to the same doctor 😂🙄 promoting waist trainer they got worked done for 😒' and one commenter posted this: 'I’m tired of celebs marketing these kinda products when they know damn well they get work done.'

Someone else said: 'Ouchies. She needs to keep that back straight b4 she hurt herself 😬.'

Toya Johnson shared a couple of pics in which she is wearing an amazing pink dress which makes her look amazing. Check out her post on social media.

In other news, Toya Johnson shared a video on her social media account, and she is talking to her fans and followers about an important hair tip. Check out the clip 0n IG.


‘Haircare Tip: It’s wash day, guys, and I’m using my favorite haircare line @mielleorganics by @exquisitemo! I’ve been sharing my haircare journey, and as y’all can see, my hair has been growing!

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