Toya Johnson Finally Meets Her Daughter, Reginae Carter During Quarantine: 'I Was Missing Her'

Toya Johnson Finally Meets Her Daughter, Reginae Carter During Quarantine: 'I Was Missing Her'
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Toya Johnson shared a photo on her social media account featuring her daughter, Reginae Carter. These two ladies haven't seen each other during the social distancing, but Toya said that she could not go on anymore because she missed Nae.

'My Nae Nae came to chill with me today.🥰 I couldn’t take it anymore I was missing her. @colormenae,' Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Oooh the patio came together SO nicely! i love the color combo!' and another follower posted this: 'Reading is deft fundamental I was like damn she looking like Nae.'

Another commenter posted the following message: 'It’s cute u still call your big girl it just shows how u still think of her as ya baby...'

One follower said: 'I just love y’all relationship.......reminds me of me and my mom. My mother finally let me come over her house 2day too! Lol...I said, ummm hmmm u missed me didn't cha!'

Somoene else posted this: 'Ohhhhhh I’m finna get me a banging ass patio set & put in on my grass cause I don't have a deck & dare a neighbor to question it.'

A fan told Toya: 'Tell her to get home back to tik Tok!!!!! She's the best so cute,' and another follower said: 'Yesss!! Thank you mom..shit I was missing yall together @toyajohnson @colormenae.'

One follower posted: 'Your home decor and colors are giving me life...I have similar in my home...congratulations on your new home and future nuptials,' and a commenter wrote: 'Hey Nae, you looking fabulous and I love the set up behind you ... I know it belongs mommy, Mrs. Diva Toya.'

In other news, Toya shared a video on her social media account in which her baby girl, Reign Rushing, is getting mad at her father, Robert Rushing.

‘We had to do the #fruitsnackchallenge with @reign_beaux …she was so mad at daddy.🤣🤣’ Toya captioned her post.

Fans loved to see cutie pie Reigny, and they raised the baby girl.

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