Toya Johnson Addresses The Biggest Story In America - Check It Out Here

Toya Johnson Addresses The Biggest Story In America - Check It Out Here
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Toya Johnson shared an outrageous piece of news and she said that this should be all over the media these days. Check out her message below.

After seeing Toya's post, people dropped all kinds of theories.

Someone said: 'Cause the big wigs are in on it too. More coverage means more attention on them. This world is so corrupt,' and another follower posted this message: 'Im saying tho 39 kids found I can only imagine the ones who ain’t been found yet praying that GOD saves them 💯'

A follower said: 'Cause of the powerful ppl that’s behind it it’s a ring 🍕🌭' and someone else posted this: 'Because those responsible also control the media 😏.'

One other commenter said: 'Because government officials are some on the ones doing the trafficking.'

Someone else posted this: 'Too many heads will roll that’s why.... such a sad world we live in #ProtectTheBabies,' and a commenter wrote: 'Well they have to keep children privacy and there identity safe so maybe that why it not on the top news break laws are different for children safety.'

A fan posted: 'No seriously... I said the same thing! Hardly any media coverage.. like .. whatttt!' and another follower said: 'Exactly. Maybe because they are Black and Brown? Sad.'

One other commenter wrote this: 'I know right. I mean I may have heard it once or twice. It is truly disheartening But I am truly exhausted!'

Someone else said: 'Seriously smh us as citizens have to do more to save and bring awareness to what’s going on if not us then who smh.'

A commenter posted this message: 'Siiis the amber alerts went crazy for another one yesterday. I’m praying for that child’s safe return home. Wtf is wrong with this world 🥺'

Toya Johnson shared a message in the memory of  Chadwick Boseman . She is showing her gratitude and she wanted to mark this on social media as well.

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