Toxicology Report Was Requested In Stevie Ryan’s Suicide Case: Were Drugs Involved?

Toxicology Report Was Requested In Stevie Ryan’s Suicide Case: Were Drugs Involved?

The YouTube star died at the age of only 33! Stevie Ryan reportedly committed suicide over the weekend, and now we can reveal if drugs played any role in her untimely death.

A spokesperson from the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office revealed that the cause of death was hanging by the neck.

Also, it looks like they also ordered a toxicology report, but it could take six to nine months for the results to come.

Ryan posted on social media about her dead grandfather and cryptically stated that she would be with him soon, days before her suicide.

‘My dream man who I will only see in my dreams. I will meet you in Percebo, soon. I love you, my Papa.’

Aside from her viral parodies, Ryan was famous for her social media feuds with the cast of Teen Mom, especially with Jenelle Evans.

After the news of her death had been announced, Jenelle took to Twitter to post about her former nemesis, expressing her regret at the early passing despite their differences.

Back in 2014, Ryan got into a Twitter war with Evans when she complained about her mother not letting her see her oldest son Jace on the Fourth of July.

Stevie told the reality TV star that things like that just happen when you don’t raise your own child, adding a condescending ‘DUH’ at the end of her tweet.

Jenelle fired back by calling Ryan a washed-up wannabe reality star.

In addition, back in June of this year, Stevie Ryan also joked about hooking up with Amber Portwood‘s controversial fiancé Matt Baier.

Do you think drugs were involved or did Stevie commit suicide because she simply could not withstand the pain of losing her beloved grandfather?


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