Towanda Braxton's Mom And Sister Find Out She's Engaged Through TMZ

Towanda Braxton's Mom And Sister Find Out She's Engaged Through TMZ
Credit: Source: Urban Belle

Towanda Braxton went through a tough time after divorcing her first husband who she shares kids with. The reality star has found love again because apparently -- she's engaged.

The shocking thing about it is that her own mother, Evelyn Braxton, and sister, Trina Braxton, seemingly had no idea. They were shocked when they were asked to comment on the news from TMZ.

The media outlet caught up with Towanda and Sean Hall where they asked about Toni Braxton's relationship status. Instead, they revealed that they were the ones getting married.

Sean Hall as been a family friend for many years. He is a music producer and the cousin of producer Tricky Stuart. Sean has been featured on Braxton Family Values before.

Since it's clear that their relationship has progressed even more -- he will likely be featured on the upcoming season that premieres next month.

Just one week ago, she professed her love for him via her Instagram page.

She shared a photo of her beau alongside a caption that read.

' 28 + years ago...our paths crossed musically. At hello our energies connected. The first kiss (thinking about it still makes me smile) was enormously electrifying. I remember thinking how much of a gentleman you were when we were riding on the 405 together in a Jeep late one night and the covers were not put was 20 degrees and you gave me your jacket so I can stay warm while you were driving...FREEZING your butt off!! 😂😂 we never knew each other biblically but we had a genuine love and respect for each other. Fast forward...2015...working on the Braxton’s Christmas album and the mutual connection became our final connection. That day in July changed my life because we never stopped talking ever since. I love you Sean...everyday is a journey of growth and love. The way you love me and the kids is simply remarkable. Even now after 5 years...when you touch me I feel the love you exude for me. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. Thank you God for gently placing this incredible man back in my’s to a lifetime of happiness! I love you my king. Happy Anniversary @itsseank @kingladybug.'


It's great to see that Towanda has found true love again.


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