Towanda Braxton's Boyfriend Is Revealed!

Towanda Braxton's Boyfriend Is Revealed!
Credit: Source: WE TV

All but one of the Braxton sisters have had a major development in the romance department within the past few years. Towanda Braxton, whose divorce was finalized in 2017, has finally decided to reveal the identity of her boyfriend.

During last night's episode of 'Braxton Family Values,' Tamar Braxton put on her investigator hat after finding out that Towanda's new beau's name starts with the letter S. She figured out that it was an old family friend who worked with them on their first album.

The producer is named Sean Hall. Although Towanda has kept her relationship lowkey for a long time, she is speaking up about her not-so-newfound happiness.

She told Hollywood Life: "I’m happily in a happy relationship. He’s amazing. He’s so amazing. I didn’t know it was supposed to be like this. I asked myself, ‘This is like this? I was supposed to love like this?'"

The singer went on to explain why this relationship is different from any other that she's been in.

"He makes me, actually, he forces me to communicate. I never did that before. I feel like I’m 16! I really do, like, I’m going on dates. We also travel a lot, and he loves my children. He doesn’t have any, well, he says that my kids are his kids. So, I’m really excited now."

She also explained why she was hesitant to let her family in on her secret: "I just wanted to be careful a little bit because I have two kids. I just wanted to make sure that they were ready to see me move on. My ex-husband, he wasn’t ready to see me move on [at the time]."

Meanwhile, Tamar recently introduced her boyfriend to viewers, Trina recently got engaged, and Toni and Birdman are still going strong.

It's great to see Towanda so happy.


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