Towanda Braxton Shares A Clip From The Most Hilarious Birthday - See The Video Here

Towanda Braxton Shares A Clip From The Most Hilarious Birthday - See The Video Here
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Towanda Braxton shared the funniest video that had fans cracking up. Check out the birthday party that made everyone go crazy with excitement.

'@kingladybug Hilarious Birthday It has been such a blessing celebrating my amazing King and Princess on the same day. We had such an amazing, adventurous day! Thank you to all my family and friends that came! A special thank you to my bro @jameswrightchanel for coming and making sure our bellies were full with your delicious food! Love y’all tons!' she captioned her post.

Someone else said: 'It was an AMAZING day!!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time...🤣 It was a day full of laughter & enjoying each other’s company...A day much needed!!! #buildingmorememories❤️'

A commenter posted this message: 'So funny! Hope "no one was hurt during the filming of this post"😂😂' and one follower posted this: 'YALL HAVING WAYYYY TO MUCH FUN WITHOUT MEEEE😢😢😢 @kantissimmons all your cool point just left the building 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm hollering!!! But I haven't been on a horse in so long NOW IM NERVOUS.'

Someone else said: 'America has some strong Black Women. They are our Shero. 💪💪💪❤️ Never Fear @kingladybug they are everywhere. Right, @itowandabraxton love you guys.'

A commenter posted this message: 'OMG @itowandabraxton @kingladybug I watched earlier the whole episode on YT, and I died laughing.., it’s absolutely HILARIOUS 😂😂😂..., but what really got me WEAK is the little lady saying like 9 or 10 times "Oohh shit bitc*!"'

Someone else said: 'I hollered the whole video. Made my day 🤣' and one other follower posted this: 'Look like he caught the Holy Ghost on them skates 😂😂🙌🏾'

One other commenter said: 'This is the funniest thing I have seen in a while!'


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