Toure Neblett, Who Appeared In 'Surviving R. Kelly,' Is Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Toure Neblett, Who Appeared In 'Surviving R. Kelly,' Is Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment
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Could this be a case of the pot calling the kettle black? American journalist Toure Neblett, who was recently featured in 'Surviving R. Kelly,' has just been accused of sexual assault.

A makeup artist who goes by the name of Dani claims she had worked with the writer on the set of a show in 2017. She says that Toure made multiple inappropriate comments towards her while she was getting him camera ready.

Dani wrote in a comment on a post that promoted Toure's appearance on a podcast: "Every Monday I used to work with him on a show in 2017 and he couldn’t stop asking me to do anal, how I looked naked, if I had sex over the weekend, what it would be like to fuck me, what his c** would look like on my face.... I had to have the crew stay in the room [with] me while I got him ready.... And when I left I called HR.... He got fired instantly. He wrote me a huge apology for doing that in my DMs. Still have it. He did a '20/20' shoot in 2018, and I was there, and he walked out. Told the producer that he was 'embarrassed [because] he was inappropriate with a staff member.' He really needs to take a seat."

She even followed up her statement with screenshots of DM's from the TV host when she confronted him about his inappropriate comments.

As to what made Dani speak out, she pins it on the fact that he was being hypocritical. Not only did Toure offer insight on his memorable interview with R. Kelly for BET in 2008 for 'Surviving R. Kelly,'  but he also spoke to Hot97 about the Harvey Weinstein allegations.

"He went on Hot97 to talk about Harvey Weinstein (after he apologized). I accepted his apology and was ok to move on but, you can’t be a sexual predator and go around shaming other predators. When I saw him going around as R. Kelly’s docuseries spokesman to different radio stations, the lies had to stop."

A representative has responded on behalf of Neblett with the following statement: "On the show, our team, including myself, engaged in edgy, crass banter, that at the time I did not think was offensive for our tight-knit group. I am sorry for my language and for making her feel uncomfortable in any way. As a lead on the show, I should have refrained from this behavior. I have learned and grown from this experience."

What do you think about Toure Neblett now that you've heard Dani's story? Are you shocked?

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