Tough Time For Hollywood Stars As Recent Scandals Prompt Difficult Questions During Red Carpet Interviews

Tough Time For Hollywood Stars As Recent Scandals Prompt Difficult Questions During Red Carpet Interviews
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At one point in time in Hollywood history, making your way on to the red carpet was a symbol of prestige, glamour, and honor.

However, with the recent uprooting of the past and allegations of rape, assault, and harassment coming to light, Hollywood stars find themselves avoiding journalists more than usual.

At this time every year, film studios and the stars they employ have lunch with critics, appear at film festivals, and accept awards of less significance, all to promote their movie and make it a likely candidate for an Academy Award.

However, after the allegations against Harvey Weinstein hit the mainstream media, as well as men like James Toback, according to The Globe And Mail, "there is a noticeable chill" in Hollywood.

Reportedly, there are instances of "empty carpets" as Hollywood stars do their best to avoid standard entrances and challenging questions.

Take Uma Thurman for example, who recently hit the red carpet for the Broadway play, The Parisian Woman. During the interview, the star remained calm and said she would comment on the allegations sometime in the future when she's not "so angry."

Either way, Uma handled the difficult questions with grace, mostly by deferring them for later.

In the past, media organizations and film studios operated under the social contract that "access to the stars" come about only through the rules made by the studio.

In other words, if reporters are to meet with Hollywood stars, there have to be precise regulations to keep the interview in check. For example, most red carpet interviews are less than four minutes long.

What a fan at home doesn't see on their television screen is the "woman in the background" with a stop-watch who counts down the last second until four minutes.

Since the allegations hit the news, and the resurgence of media reports involving allegations of misconduct, reporters are asking challenging and intriguing questions, so Hollywood stars are shying away from the red carpet.

Most recently, Ben Affleck had to address his past behavior before talking about his newest film, Justice League. In 2017, it appears as though difficult questions are the new norm on the red carpet. It's no longer as simple as staging an interview so the actress or actor can promote their latest attempt at entrepreneurialism.


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