Torrei Hart's Car Vandalized And Instagram Deleted Among Kevin Hart Drama: Eniko Parrish To Blame?

Torrei Hart's Car Vandalized And Instagram Deleted Among Kevin Hart Drama: Eniko Parrish To Blame?
Source: BET

Torrei Hart went from having a great week to having a horrible one. The ex-wife of Kevin Hart spoke out about her thoughts on this ongoing cheating scandal and since then, her luck has been running out.

It was over a week ago since it was revealed that comedian Kevin Hart was being extorted for cheating on his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish. The reason that the father of two had to come clean was that there was someone, who remains unknown at the moment, that was trying to sell a sex tape of Kevin and his mistress.

Hart posted an Instagram video admitting his mistakes and thought that would be the end of it. However, celebrity blog Fameolous got a hold of the said tape and released it.

After the leak, the blog's Instagram page has been deleted multiple times, but not on purpose. Blog owner, who goes by the name of Fee, claims that someone is being paid at Instagram to delete her page even when it gets restored.

She also claims that she believes the same person is responsible for deleting Torrei Hart's page. Torrei's page went missing at the end of the week and she's tweeted about how Instagram hasn't done anything about it yet.

Torrei added: "I had 402 K followers. I know to some people it may just be an IG, but it's not just an IG to me. I talk to my supporters everyday...."

The mole could very well be employed by Kevin or Eniko, who have many Hollywood connections.

In addition to Torrei's hijacked social media, TMZ is reporting that while the famous ex was shooting a movie, her car was vandalized in the parking lot. The vandal busted out several windows.

There was allegedly a suspicious white car driving in circles and a man on a bike who was carrying a gun noticed by the  crew before the incident occurred.

Do you think that Eniko or Kevin may have paid someone to take action against his ex-wife and the Instagram blog?


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    SPARKLE Sep 25, 2017 9:59 AM PDT

    Yes indeed they did that trust and believe it, that's a move we would make. Don't be mad at the ex. You didn't get caught with her.

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